The Role of a Reward in Employer Branding

Most organizations agree that attracting the right talent is a challenge in today’s competitive labor market. To meet this challenge, companies must clearly communicate and visualize a reward plan to attract, retain and motivate key talent. This total reward strategy should integrate key components including total compensation, benefits, work-life balance, training, career and personal growth opportunities. The problem up until now was that, when asked about their total remuneration package, as few as 20% of all employees were able to communicate their full remunerative package. Most neglected to include the various other important provisions and contributions which our clients typically provide for them.

By clearly visualizing the total remuneration package to candidates it’s more likely you will attract talent to sign with you. An employee who feels rewarded is also often more motivated to remain with the company. The offer of an additional reward gives an employee that extra motivation to go above and beyond. Benify has created an effective tool which assembles and presents an illustrative picture of employees’ total remuneration and rewards package, from top to bottom. This includes all of those little extras which the employer contributes to the employee. This ultimately combines to make a powerful tool in reinforcing your value as a reputable and valued employer, as well as serving to be a very useful tool for each individual employee.

Make sure you attract, retain and motivate talent by clearly communicating and visualizing what you are offering them- and package it with your Employer Brand.

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