Tips To Create Employee Engagement

Gepost op 2017.03.06 #Employee Engagement, #Gallup, #Tips, #Workforce

According to Gallup, which has tracked employee engagement for the past 15 years, only 13% of the workforce worldwide is engaged. What makes an employee disengaged at the workplace? –And what can HR do to identify and address these issues before they spread from one worker to the next?

Here are some tips to consider when looking to better understand your employees and encourage a positive workplace environment:

  1. Encourage continuous feedback, and be clear that even negative feedback is welcome as it can bring about positive change.  
  2. Give credit to your employees, reward them, and show appreciation!
  3. Empower employees to participate and take action in their roles and departments by fostering a culture of trust.
  4. Focus on learning and career development, including succession planning.
  5. Nurture employee connectedness and collaboration via activities and even physical spaces like the break room.

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