Treating Employees Right Is Smart Business!

Employee engagement is key to attraction and retention of talent. It is a key aspect of how involved an employee is within his or her role and within the organization as a whole. For the organization, having employees who participate and are involved with colleagues, customers, and overall goals is essential for ensuring competitiveness and growth.

Research by DDI reveals that employee engagement has a positive impact on performance and is key to competitive advantage:

  •  “Depending on which study you read, anywhere from 40 – 70% of employees can be classified as neutral, middle of the road, or agnostic. Worse yet, an alarming 10 – 20% of employees are actively “disengaged”—just putting in their time or, worse yet, undermining or badmouthing  their organizations and bosses. The economic impact of low engagement can be staggering.”

An employee’s level of workplace engagement affects how effective he or she is within the organization and contributes to how successful the organization is within the market. Monitoring and improving employee engagement is not only a necessary part of any HR strategy but it is smart business!

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