Attract Great Employees With A Wide Benefit Selection

More employers are looking at benefits as a new way to attract and retain great employees. To take advantage of benefits, employees need to understand what options are available, what’s covered, and what steps they need to take. That’s why it’s important to educate and communicate the role benefits play and make sure employees understand the wide selection you are offering them.

By having a wide selection of benefits you are not only showing that you put your employees first, you also increase the possibility of having something attractive for everyone. According to MetLife, nearly 40% of employees say having a wide selection of benefits would make them feel more loyal to their employer. By providing plenty of benefit options including health and fringe benefits, you build a strong employer brand and attract great employees. Meet the individual needs by allowing employees to customize plans with affordable options.

Simplify the selection
64% of millennials say benefits are extremely or very important to employer loyalty (Aflac) but signing up for benefits can sometimes take time and be complicated. Make sure the employees have all the information they need and use a benefits system that reduces your administration time; can have individual benefit selection based on position or salary; and that simplifies the benefit selection process. Provide employees with digital guides to walk them through the enrollment process – or let us do that for you.

When creating your benefit offering, keep in mind to make it simple. Offer a wide selection – that will increase your employer loyalty and build a strong employer brand. And of course, make it easy to enroll in offered benefits!

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