Benify and Athlon Introduce a Flexible Mobility Solution in the Netherlands and Germany

Benify and mobility provider Athlon launch a new mobility proposition in the Netherlands and Germany. The benefit is available through the Benify compensation and benefits portal, which allows employees added convenience in managing their yearly transportation budget anytime and anywhere. The solution encourages employees to make eco-friendly and efficient choices in order to travel from point A to point B— while not limiting their mobility options. 

The new, flexible benefit provides employees with flexibility and improved work-life balance. Employees’ yearly commuting budget covers the costs of their transportation preferences, and the offer allows them to take advantage of the full scope of mobility options Athlon offers. Increased flexibility means a person living in walking distance to his or her employer may not need a company lease car but can easily make selections that better serve his or her needs and preferences. In addition, unused allotted mileage is awarded as a bonus and can be traded for other worksite benefits available to the employee.

By presenting this new solution, Athlon and Benify are meeting the increasingly higher demands and ambitions that both employers and employees hold for their mobility benefit. The arrangement empowers the employee to receive moral, as well as, tangible rewards from a popular employee benefit. For employers, it helps manage cost and eliminate waste, helping them to meet their financial and sustainability goals.

Read more about the Athlon Mobility Budget in the Netherlands and Athlon’s My Benefit Kit in Germany

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