Introducing Benify's new report: the top 10 most popular employer benefits

How does the modern employer approach their employee benefits and rewards strategies? Employers realize that today’s employee is a complex entity – more mobile than ever, with increasing needs to achieve a work life balance and ever-growing expectations as to what they feel their employer should provide. To design a benefits and rewards offering, employers are forced to evaluate their employee base as a whole and determine what would be appealing to both attract and retain their talent.

Knowing that benefits and rewards strategies can differ, we asked employers’ about their priorities so as to get at “the big picture”. We surveyed 1,195 HR professionals from over 40 countries worldwide to find out what tops their employee benefit wishlist. We wanted to understand employers priorities based on what motivated their employees.

From the resulting data, we compiled a list of the top 10 most popular employee benefits. The result shows us that employers do recognize that each employee is unique – with different wants, needs and expectations – and that employers respond by adjusting their offerings to them. Survey respondents shared with us what their employees value and their answers ranged from flexible working hours to great colleagues. What we see is that above all else, today’s employees crave choice, flexibility and autonomy in managing their own decisions.

You can download the report below.

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