Is your employee communication lagging behind?

Smartphones, tablets and now even smart watches: We’re the children of a digital revolution and we expect our employers to keep the pace. Supported by 24/7 easy access and unique targeting tools, mobile devices have become the most effective way to tap into what employees want and to engage with them overall. Mobile experience strategies are a good way to break through the noise and deliver relevance– wherever, however, and whenever your employee logs in.

However, what exactly is the point of being able to communicate with your employees round-the-clock? The answer is simple: to build effective engagement which resonates and which creates greater emotional ties between your organisation and your employees.

A recent IBM and Watson Marketing report suggests that the mobile experience becomes infinitely more important than any device. To really reach out to your audience in their digital space – a mobile strategy now also requires an effective engagement strategy. By integrating your technologies, and communicating through personal platforms, you’ll cater to the modern employee and keep pace with the new digital landscape.

At Benify, we’ll help you be more effective in communicating with your employees. By downloading our app, which mirrors your portal, your employees will be able to access their personal benefits at any time or any place. In addition, by creating instant push messages in your app, you’ll engage directly with your employee in their personal digital space; whether this be a message about the upcoming Christmas party, a reminder about their rewards packages or an urgent update which must reach all staff.

To find out how we can help you, simply contact your Benify contact and we’ll help you to implement a more modern employee communication today.

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