Making the Benify portal an employee favorite drives overall engagement

To drive employee engagement, we drive traffic first.

Employees’ engagement increases when they understand all that their employer offers in terms of benefits, rewards, perks, and of course culture and activities. At Benify, we capture all these elements in the compensation and benefits portal that we customize for each client. We understand that employees can only maximize their employee experience if they enter and then become comfortable with using their company portal.

To help drive log in rates to the portal, Benify has dedicated engagement experts working with insurance carriers and brokers, and the HR managers that depend upon them when designing their benefit packages. Our goal is to understand which benefits and insurances are mandatory, which ones drive work life balance, what activities are key to company culture, and so on.

To drive repeat visits, we focus on communication

As our goal is to drive awareness of and participation in benefits and insurances and even activities, we understand that employees must first become repeat users within the compensation and benefits portal. This is why we have created a variety of launch guidelines, training modules, information packets, and even different activity packages depending on the workforce’s characteristics and the communication preferences.

Log in rates are high and continue to climb

Employee login rates are typically as high as 60% at launch but to increase portal usage and activity within the portal, we are able to monitor click throughs, pages visited, and even message open rates. Our engagement teams keep in contact with the HR leadership and even the suppliers or brokers to determine which elements of the package are popular, what benefits need extra promotion, and even what next steps should be taken. One can say that Benify engages all parties involved for the good of creating an inspiring employee experience through technology.

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