Discover New Ways to Motivate Employees Apart From Salary Raises

Discover new ways to motivate and inspire your employees apart from salary raises. Benify continuously finds and contracts with suppliers to be able to offer clients and their employees benefits such as retail discounts; hospitality and travel deals; gym memberships; health and wellness support; mobility budgets and trade-offs; and much more.

Our Benefits Marketplace is available as a way to enhance your benefits offering and keep you competitive as a desirable employer. We even work with our clients to solve their employees’ commuting challenges. For example, we have handled scheduling and ticketing for employee transport busses. It’s common for us to work with you to analyze your employee populations to best find the “extras” you may need.

The result of Benifying: You’ll be able to easily attract, retain, and develop the talent you need to safeguard your competitiveness.

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