Make Benefits Relevant For Your Increasingly Diverse Workforce

Deliver relevant offers and personalized messages to your diverse employees. Your employees are a collection of talented individuals, belonging to three or four generations and all with different lifestyles, needs, and motivations. One size does not fit all when it comes to what activities, offers, and benefits they seek. MetLife’s 15th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study found that demographic shifts are disrupting the workplace and redefining employees’ workplace expectations:

  • The family is changing. From same-sex marriages to an increase in single working women, employee demographics have created big shifts and changing needs.
  • Generational differences are no longer sufficient differentiators. There is a great diversity in needs within these groups: Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers.
  • Differences in education and salary. Varying levels of education play a serious role in understanding and buying into benefit packages. Those who earn less place a greater value on the role of benefits in providing job satisfaction.
  • The gig economy is real. In an economy that sees disruption more and more frequently, jobs can look more like gigs. Employees expect to have several careers in a lifetime.

With the Benify portal, you’ll be able to segment your employees and determine who is eligible for what and who you want to contact when. Filters can be set based on paygrade, position, gender, age, years of service, start date, geography, and anything else found in the employee user file. Only those eligible for particular benefits and offers will receive them. Announcements, reminders, and invitations are sent to only those who need to take action. To maximize impact, you’ll be able to reach out with personalized messages and even to pre-set trigger messages based on behavior.

The result of Benifying: You’ll be able to increase participation, response rates, and click throughs each time you reach out with an invitation, offer, or reminder.




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