Boost Employee Engagement Easily

Having engaged employees should be the goal of every organization; however, engaged employees are actually rare. Gallup’s most recent global research finds only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. According to the latest State of the American Workplace report, just 33% of employed residents in the United States are engaged at work. Engaged workers differ from their apathetic or uninterested counterparts because of the extra effort they bring to their jobs: The go the extra mile, work with energy and passion, and feel a connection to their company. They are the people who will drive innovation and move your business forward.

The Benify portal makes it easy for HR to create the atmosphere and day to day life where employees can take part in their organization and feel satisfied and energetic. They can enroll in and manage their benefits, for a start. They can also learn about and register for events; take advantage of career opportunities; order insurances; and keep abreast of offers. Their feeling excited about work life and inspired by their role in the organization translates into improved business outcomes like increased productivity (17%), decreased turnover (24%) and decreased absenteeism (by 41%) (Source: Engagement’s Effect on Key Business Outcomes, Gallup)

The result of Benifying: You’ll realize how easy it is to increase your employees’ satisfaction, energy, and productivity.


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