Employee Engagement Tips for the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, we’re all a bit busier than usual. There’s so much to do! Gifts to buy, decorations to put up, festivities to attend. However, employee engagement is always important, no matter the time of year or the busy social calendar. We should not be too busy to remember that monitoring and boosting employees’ involvement and positive feelings are important. There’s an effect on retention, productivity, employer branding and so on. To make it easy, we’ve started posting our 24 tips to better employee engagement daily. The first three are:

Employee Engagement Tip #1: Impress employees with your EVP.

Make it clear what you offer your employees so they understand why they should stay and continue contributing their talent to the organization’s growth. You’ll make them feel valued, and you’ll inspire them, too! 

“Show employees your value proposition above salary. Clearly presenting benefit information, participation opportunities, training and development programs, and more gains their loyalty.”

Employee Engagement Tip #2: Share company information.

Nobody likes being kept in the dark. When you are transparent with your employees, you gain their trust. Informing them of company news, strategy, and initiatives is important. They’re stakeholders, afterall.

“Let employees know what’s going on and what it means to them. You’ll gain their trust if they’re informed about organizational changes and shifts in goals.”

Employee Engagement Tip #3: Encourage dialogue.

At your company, is it easy for employees to give their feedback and offer their suggestions to HR and even to management? Why not? Invite a conversation and you will discover new perspectives and ideas which can serve as the basis for improvements and initiatives.

“Invite discussion and feedback and make openness your policy— without repercussions. You’ll gain insight from employees throughout the organization.”


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